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HP H2800 - Headphones with mic - full size - wired - 3.5 mm jack - Ocean blue - for OMEN by HP 870, 880; HP 14; Envy 13; Pavilion 14, 27, 570; Spectre x360; Stream 14; x2

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Warranty Period:
2 Years
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Comfort for your ears, sensation for your mind. Enjoy the HP H2800 Headset with the convenience of an in-line microphone, headset controls, and compatibility with most computers, tablets, smartphones or MP3 players. Enrich your audio enjoyment.

Product Type Headphones - 3.5 mm jack
Width 14.2 cm
Depth 6.2 cm
Height 18 cm
Weight 124 g
Colour Ocean blue
Body Material Rubber
Earpad Material Leatherette
Recommended Use Portable electronics, computer
Headphones Form Factor Circumaural
Headphones Cup Type Closed
Foldable Yes
Connectivity Technology Wired
Available Microphone Yes
Sound Output Mode Stereo
Frequency Response 20 - 20000 Hz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 102 dB
Type On-cable
Connector Type Headphones (mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-pole)
Cables Included Headphones cable - 1.5 m
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support Limited warranty - 2 years
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
Shipping Width 21.1 cm
Shipping Depth 17.8 cm
Shipping Height 6.3 cm
Shipping Weight 1.3 kg
Compatibility Information
Designed For OMEN by HP 15-ce003ng, 15-ce015np, 15-ce018np, 17-an000ng, 17-w004np, 17-w214ng, 870-213w, 870-227nf, 870-291ng, 880-000na, 880-005ns, 880-008ns, 880-011no, 880-012no, 880-013no, 880-020ng, 880-021ns, 880-037ns, 880-038ns, 880-059no, 880-078nf, 880-084ng, 880-093no, 880-093np
OMEN X by HP P1000-001no, P1000-050ns
HP 14-am040na, 14-bp016nf, 14-bp018nf, 14-bp082nd, 14-bs002nf, 14-bs004nb, 14-bs025la, 14-bw012na, 14-bw012nr, 15-ba004cy, 15-bs093ng, 15-bs102ns, 15-bs103ns, 15-bs108ng, 15-bs109ng, 15-bs110ng, 15-bs117ns, 15-bs121ns, 15-bs126ns, 15-bs132ns, 15-bs133ns, 15-bs134ns, 15-bs135ns, 15-bs136ns, 15-bs137ns, 15-bs138ns, 15-bs139ns, 15-bs140ns, 15-bs141ns, 15-bs142ns, 15-bs170ng, 17-ak007nf, 17-ak048ng, 17-bs035nf, 17-bs101nc, 17-bs101ng, 17-bs102ng, 17-bs103nc
HP Chromebook x360 11-ae027nr
HP Envy 13-ad004la, 13-ad015na, 13-ad038tu, 13-ad101nc, 13-ad102nc, 13-ad103nc, 13-ad104nc, 13-ad104nf, 13-ad105nc, 13-ad105nf, 13-ad106nc, 13-ad106nf, 13-ad136tu, 27-b199nz
HP ENVY Curved 34-b000ng
HP ENVY x360 15-bp104no, 15-bp105no
HP Pavilion 14-bf004nf, 14-bf009ng, 14-bf024tu, 14-bf031ng, 14-bf077tx, 14-bf100np, 14-bf101np, 14-bf115ns, 14-bf116ns, 15-au023cl, 15-cc507np, 15-cc513no, 24-b212nf, 27-a257c, 570-p009, 570-p009ns, 570-p020np, 570-p023w, 570-p027c, 570-p033nl, 570-p033w, 570-p037no, 570-p050np, 570-p058nl, 570-p064, 570-p066ns, 570-p068nl, 570-p076no, 570-p078nl, 570-p080ns, 570-p081ns, 570-p570nf, 570-p588ng, 570-p590ng
HP Pavilion Power 15-cb000ng, 15-cb018no, 15-cb019no, 15-cb070ng
HP Slimline 260-a101nsm, 260-p106no, 260-p121nl, 260-p149nl
HP Spectre 13-af000nw, 13-af001nw, 13-af002np, 13-af027tu, 13-v111nf
HP Spectre x360 13-ae000np, 13-ae001nw, 13-ae002nw, 13-ae003nw, 13-ae004np, 13-ae006nf, 13-ae012nf, 13-ae013nf, 13-ae049ng, 13-ae509tu
HP Stream 14-ax005no, 14-ax010ds, 14-ax011ds, 14-ax012ds, 14-ax020nf, 14-ax024nf, 14-ax069st
HP Stream x360 11-ab004np
HP x2 10-p001np, 10-p013nf

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